Holothuria (Holothuria) stellati Delle Chiaje, 1824

Mezali, Karim, Thandar, Ahmed S. & Khodja, Ihcene, 2021, On the taxonomic status of Holothuria (Holothuria) tubulosa (s. s.) from the Algerian coast with the description of a new Mediterranean species, Holothuria (Holothuria) algeriensis n. sp. (Echinodermata: Holothuroidea: Holothuriidae), Zootaxa 4981 (1), pp. 89-106: 96

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Holothuria (Holothuria) stellati Delle Chiaje, 1824


Holothuria (Holothuria) stellati Delle Chiaje, 1824  

Figure 4C View FIGURE 4 , Table 4 View TABLE 4

Material examined. UF5468, Sidi-Fredj , Algeria, 36°45.000’N, 2°50.000’E, 0.5–10 m, Summer 2006, 1 spec. GoogleMaps   UF5495, Stidia , Algeria, 35°49.922’N, 0°1.174’O, 3 m, Summer 2006, 1 spec. GoogleMaps   LPVCMRMS2020.208, Ouillis , Algeria, 36°7.436’N, 0°15.219’E, 5 m, June 2020, 1 spec. GoogleMaps  

Description. Body dark brown dorsally ( Figure 4 View FIGURE 4 Ca), light brown ventrally ( Figure 4 View FIGURE 4 Cb); sometimes reaching a length of 30 cm and width of 5–6 cm. Dorsal surface arched, ventral surface flattened, the latter with fairly dense, scattered pedicels. Integument thick (0.70 µm) and smooth. A row of 5–6 very large, straight pointed protuberances separated at equal intervals on both sides of body. Cuvierian tubules absent. Collar around mouth thick (about 3.50 mm).

Ossicles. Body wall tables with circular disc ( Figure 4 View FIGURE 4 Cc) with wavy outline and 4 large central and 4 small peripheral perforations. Buttons ( Figure 4 View FIGURE 4 Ce) of several types: (i) oval with irregular, rough, smooth and thick surfaces; (ii) larger ones slightly rectangular in shape, with smooth but sometimes with wavy outline; (iii) enlarged, rounded ones and (iv) those that are slightly warped in the middle. Perforated plates of the pedicels of two types: enlarged and elongated ( Figure 4 View FIGURE 4 Cd). Tentacles with straight ( Figure 4 View FIGURE 4 Cf) or slightly arched rods.