Mayrellinae Hedicke

Noort, Simon van & Buffington, Matthew L., 2013, Revision of the Afrotropical Mayrellinae (Cynipoidea, Liopteridae), with the first record of Paramblynotus from Madagascar, Journal of Hymenoptera Research 31, pp. 1-64 : 3

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Journal of Hymenoptera Research by Pensoft

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Mayrellinae Hedicke


Mayrellinae Hedicke

Mayrellinae Hedicke, 1922: 190


This subfamily includes two genera, Kiefferiella and Paramblynotus , with only the latter genus occurring in the Afrotropical region ( Ronquist 1995; Liu et al. 2007; van Noort and Buffington 2012). Kiefferiella is endemic to the south-western Nearctic region, whereas Paramblynotus is widespread occurring in all biogeographical regions with the exception of the western Palaearctic region and Australia ( Ronquist 1995; Liu et al. 2007).