Cyphoderus cf. agnotus Boerner , 1906, Boerner, 1906

Katz, Aron D., Taylor, Steven J., Soto-Adames, Felipe N., Addison, Aaron, Hoese, Geoffrey B., Sutton, Michael R. & Toulkeridis, Theofilos, 2016, New records and new species of springtails (Collembola: Entomobryidae, Paronellidae) from lava tubes of the Galapagos Islands (Ecuador), Subterranean Biology 17, pp. 77-120: 103-104

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Cyphoderus cf. agnotus Boerner , 1906


Taxon classification Animalia Collembola Entomobryidae

Cyphoderus cf. agnotus Boerner, 1906   Fig. 21B


A single individual was collected in the entrance area of a lava tube. Our specimen has a bidentate mucro and the unguis lacks unpaired ungual distal teeth, distinguishing it from Cyphoderus galapagoensis   Jacquemart 1976 while matching the description of Cyphoderus agnotus   , sensu Cassagnau (1963), albeit Cassagnau’s (1963) species description is relatively vague and lacks details about many important characters. Unfortunately, the material available is insufficient for a more complete redescription.


Santa Cruz Island, Galápagos, Ecuador; widespread throughout Neotropics.

Material examined.

Ecuador, Galápagos, Santa Cruz Island: 1 on slide, La Llegada, leaf litter from entrance, 12.iii.2014 (C. Plowman, D. Butler and G. Hoese), GLP-095, INHS Acc. 567,427.