Corynoneura sertaodaquina Wiedenbrug et Trivinho-Strixino, Wiedenbrug et Trivinho-Strixino

Wiedenbrug, Sofia, Lamas, Carlos E. & Trivinho-Strixino, Susana, 2012, 3574, Zootaxa 3574, pp. 1-61: 47

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Corynoneura sertaodaquina Wiedenbrug et Trivinho-Strixino


Corynoneura sertaodaquina Wiedenbrug et Trivinho-Strixino  

Material examined. One pharate female with pupal exuviae, two pupal exuviae, BRAZIL, GO, Alto Paraíso de Goiás, Fazenda São Bento , 14.1597°S, 47.5937°W, 18.i.2011, drift net, S. Wiedenbrug; two pharate males with pupal exuviae, one female with pupal and larval exuviae, one pharate female with pupal exuviae, eight pupal exuviae, MS, Bodoquena , Fazenda Califórnia , 2° stream on the Trilha da Gruta. 1.iv.2012, drift net, S. Wiedenbrug; one male and one female, both with pupal and larval exuviae, SP, Ubatuba , Sertão da Quina , Cachoeira da Renata , Bridge , 23°31.231´S, 45°14.625´W, 33 m a.s.l., moss, 6.i.2011, S. Wiedenbrug; one male, SP, São Simão, Ponte Tio Zito, 19.i.2003, light trap, H.F. Mendes and T. Andersen; one pharate male with pupal exuviae, PR, São Luís do Purunha , 1020 m a.s.l., pool of a stream, 25°27.180´S, 49°43.435´W, 14.i.2010, S. Wiedenbrug GoogleMaps   .

Remarks. All material examined fit in the species diagnosis, except the male hypopygium that shows a small aedeagal lobus. The holotype of C. sertaodaquina   is a teneral male, and the aedeagal lobe is difficult to discern in that exemplar. An associated male with larval and pupal exuviae was collected near the type locality (see material examined). The larva and pupa are the same as C. sertaodaquina   and male hypopygium have a small aedeagal lobe ( Fig. 28 A–B).

Distribution. Corynoneura sertaodaquina   was described from São Paulo State, Brazil ( Wiedenbrug & Trivinho-Strixino 2011). This species is herein recorded, for the first time, from small streams of Mato Grosso do Sul, Goiás and Paraná States.


Tavera, Department of Geology and Geophysics