Eusarcus sp. 2, Perty, 1833

de Azara, Ludson Neves, Bernardi, Leopoldo Ferreira de Oliveira & Rodrigo Lopes Ferreira,, 2016, The first survey on harvestmen in Brazilian artificial cavities, with notes on distribution and natural history, Subterranean Biology 17, pp. 31-53: 43

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Subterranean Biology by Pensoft

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Eusarcus sp. 2


Taxon classification Animalia Opiliones Gonyleptidae

Eusarcus sp. 2  

Previoulys known distribution of the genus.

From the northeast to the southeast of Brazil, northeast of Argentina, east of Paraguai and Uruguai. ( Hara and Pinto-da-Rocha 2010).

Examined material.

Mateus Leme: 1 male (ISLA 16062) from Mina do Aqueduto I (1), 05/IV/2008, new record for locality.

Only one female was found and the record of Mateus Leme corresponds to a new occurrence for this genus.