Œnanthe gutturalis, Vieillot

Jansen, Justin J. F. J., 2017, Rene Mauge's ornithological collections from Kupang Bay, West-Timor, Indonesia, August-November 1801, with special regard to type-specimens, Zoosystematics and Evolution 93 (2), pp. 467-492: 477

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Œnanthe gutturalis


Oenanthe gutturalis Vieillot  

Oenanthe gutturalis   Vieillot, 1818, Nouv. Dict. Nat. éd. 21: 421 (Nouvelle-Hollande).

Saxicola gutturalis   (Vieillot, 1818). See Pucheran 1855: 346-347, Hellmayr 1916: 98 and Deignan and Ripley 1964: 115. - Now.

Type materials.

HOLOTYPE: MNHN-ZO-2013-1118 [ MNHN A.C. 9079], adult female, near Kupang Bay, Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara, West-Timor (10°11'0"S; 123°35'0"E), between 22 August and 13 November 1801, by René Maugé.

Pedestal underside: (Sticker) Asie aust. Cvtte le Natte / Expedit. du captne Baudin / an 11 / N. tr. Par Lesueur. 2. Sylvia   ? / Vieill. / type d. Vieillot. Pedestal label: Traquent a gorge blanche, o. / Saxicola gutturalis   . / Sylvia   Saxicola gutturalis   , Vieill. (T) / de la Nouvelle-Hollande (?) / par Péron et Lesueur / = Oreica melanoleuca (Vieil.) ♀.


A single bird was selected and described by Vieillot; a female. Three other Baudin expedition birds still exists (female, NMW 12.359; male, MNHN-ZO-2011-595; male, NMS_Z 1819.1.41). The type locality is erroneous (e.g. Nouvelle-Hollande), and therefore corrected and restricted to: near Kupang Bay (article 76a.2.A (ICZN 1999)). Vieillot named this species Saxicola gutturalis   or 'of the throat’ ( Jobling 2017).