Afroartelida teunisseni, Vives & Adlbauer, 2005

Rice, Marlin E., 2008, Kudekanye: A New Genus of Longhorned Beetle (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) From the Lowland Fynbos and Renosterveld Ecosystem of South Africa, The Coleopterists Bulletin 62 (1), pp. 3-7 : 3-7

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Afroartelida teunisseni


Afroartelida teunisseni

Vives and Adlbauer (2005) described this apatophyseine species from two specimens —the holotype from Etosha National Park , Namibia and a paratype from Mpumalanga, Republic of South Africa. Additional specimens in the Transvaal Museum of Natural History indicate that the species occurs throughout eastern South Africa as well as in Swaziland and Zimbabwe based on the following label data (number of specimens in parentheses): SOUTH AFRICA, Transvaal , Kowyn’s Pass , 5 km SE Graskop, S24.57, E30.53, 1,400 m, 23.X.1983, CLBellamy (2); Ironcrown-Wolkberg , nr. Haenertsburg, E. Tvl., 17– 26.XI.1970, L. Prozesky and A. Strydon (2); S. Afr; Tv. Nelshoogte Forest Station , 25.50S – 30.50E, 2.12.1986, E-Y:2,346, UV light collection, leg. Endrödy- Younga (6); S. Afr; Tv. Nelshoogte Forest Station, Knuckles rocks for., 25.47S – 30.50E, 5.12.1986, E-Y:2,357, UV light collection, leg. Endrödy-Younga (1); S. Afr; E. Tvl .. Uitsoek, Forest St. envir. 25.18S – 30.35E, 26.10.1986, E-Y:2,321, white flow. exotic, leg. Endrödy-Younga (2); S. Afr., Transvaal, Rustenburg, 7.11.75, Scoble & Potgieter (1); S. Afr., N. Transvaal, Farm Derry 442, 22.58S – 29.03E, 2.3.1976, Leg. Scoble & Kroon (3); same location, but 2– 3.3.1976 (1); SWAZILAND, Malagwane Hill, Mbabane, 28/10/92, N. J. Duke (3), 10/11/94, N. J. Duke (1), and 15/10/95, N. J. Duke (1); ZIMBABWE, Laurenceville, Vumba, 10–15.10.90, N. J. Duke (2) GoogleMaps .

Biology. Almost nothing is known of the biology of this species, other than a few specimens were attracted to artificial lights at night, adults were collected between mid October and early March, and most specimens have been collected at high elevations. The collection localities in Swaziland (Mbabane) and South Africa (Haenertsburg, Kowyn’s Pass, Nelshootge, and Rustenberg) range in elevation from approximately 1,040 to 2,130 m.


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