Haplodrassus concertor ( Simon, 1878 )

Bosmans, Robert, Kherbouche-Abrous, Ourida, Benhalima, Souâd & Hervé, Christophe, 2018, The genus Haplodrassus Chamberlin, 1922 in the Mediterranean and the Maghreb in particular (Araneae: Gnaphosidae), Zootaxa 4451 (1), pp. 1-67 : 50-53

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https://doi.org/ 10.11646/zootaxa.4451.1.1

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Haplodrassus concertor ( Simon, 1878 )


Haplodrassus concertor ( Simon, 1878) View in CoL

Figs 205‒213 View FIGURES 205–213

Drassus concertor Simon, 1878: 129 , pl. 16, fig. 24 (♂♀).

Drassodes concertor: Simon 1914: 140 , 210, fig. 251 (♀), non fig. 249 (♂) = H. signifer View in CoL .

Haplodrassus concertor: Denis 1958: 248 View in CoL , figs 1‒2 (♀).

Types: Lectotype ♂ 3♂ 67♀ paralectotypes by present designation, labelled “ Auvergne, Pyrénées, Aigoual AR9209”; MNHN, Coll. Simon; examined.

Comments. Haplodrassus concertor was described by Simon (1878) from one locality, Vernet-les-Bains in the Pyrénées-Orientales. Material from this locality could not be traced, so a large series of specimens labelled Auvergne, Pyrénées, Aigoual AR9209 is indicated here as type series. The available illustrations of the epigyne of H. concertor appear to be Simon’s simple sketches (1878, fig. 24; 1914, fig. 251) in “Les Arachnides de France ” and the drawings by Denis (1958, figs 1‒2). The females collected by us in the Pyrénées agree with these figures. For the male, Simon (1914) presents a figure of the male palp in his identification table, line 8, and this line finally leads to two species: H. concertor and H. signifer . It is nowhere precised if it is the palp of either of the two. According to the World Spider Catalogue (2017), fig. 249 represents the palp of H. concertor . According to Simon (1914), males of H. concertor and H. signifer are very similar (“Les mâles des deux espèces sont souvent très dificiles à distinguer, tandis que les caractères des femelles sont beaucoup plus nets”). In our material, the male of H. concertor is clearly different from H. signifer . The conclusion must be that Simon mistook a male of H. signifer for a male of H. concertor , which is clearly different as proved by our newly collected material. In the World Spider Catalogue, the attribution of figure 249 to H. concertor , must be deleted and changed to H. signifer .

Material examined. FRANCE, Ariège, Goulier, La Prade (N42°45’ E1°30’), 1400m GoogleMaps , 1♀, C. Jacquet leg. (CPO), Hautes -Pyrénées, Réserve naturelle du Néouvielle, Turon du Néouvielle (N42°49'30” E0°7'46”), 3131m GoogleMaps , 1♀, J. Denis leg. ( MNHN AR9211 View Materials ), Pic du Midi de Bigorre (N42°56’12” E0°8’28”) GoogleMaps , 2♀, L. Fage leg., VIII.1917 (MNHN AR9213), Pyrénées -Atlantiques, Larrau, Pic d’Orhy (N42°58’26” W0°59’38), 1400m, 1♀, montane grassland, 5.VII.1981, P. Poot leg. (CRB), Pyrénées -Orientales, Font-Romeu (N42°29’52” E2°02’02”), 1800m, 3♀, L. Fage leg. ( MNHN AR9208 View Materials ), Mont Canigou (N42°32'20” E2°28'25”), 2000m GoogleMaps , 4♂ 2♀, pitfalls in short montane grassland, 8.VII.1982 ( CRB), Mont Canigou (N42°32'20” E2°28'25”) GoogleMaps , 1♂ 5♀, VIII.1912, Coll. Berland (MNHN AR9212).

Description. Measurements: Male (n=4): Total length 5.4‒5.8 mm; carapace 2.08‒2.82 long, 1.71‒2.01 wide. Female (n=2): Total length 6.6‒7.7 mm; carapace 2.62‒2.86 long, 2.01‒2.24 wide.

Colour: Carapace reddish brown with grey striae, margin and eye region blackish; chelicerae and sternum dark reddish brown; legs yellowish brown; abdomen grey to dark grey, dorsally sometimes with slight indications of pale grey stripes and chevrons.

Male palp ( Figs 207‒210 View FIGURES 205–213 ): Tibial apophysis shorter than the tibia’s diameter, terminally rounded; embolic apophysis slightly bent, relatively short, much shorter than embolus.

Epigyne ( Figs 211‒213 View FIGURES 205–213 ): Hood wide, with straight posterior margin, slightly wider than fovea but much narrower than areola; fovea elongated, 1.5 x as long as wide, with parallel margins.

Distribution. Certified material has been seen from the French departments Ariège, Hautes-Pyrénées, Pyrénées- Atlantiques and Pyrénées-Orientales. It was furthermore cited in Gran Paradiso in Italy ( Caporiacco 1928b), but this record needs confirmation.


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Haplodrassus concertor ( Simon, 1878 )

Bosmans, Robert, Kherbouche-Abrous, Ourida, Benhalima, Souâd & Hervé, Christophe 2018

Drassus concertor

Simon, 1878 : 129

Drassodes concertor:

Simon 1914 : 140

Haplodrassus concertor: Denis 1958 : 248

Denis 1958 : 248
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