Callozostron Wright, 1885

Cairns, Stephen D., 2018, Deep-Water Octocorals (Cnidaria, Anthozoa) from the Galapagos and Cocos Islands. Part 1: Suborder Calcaxonia, ZooKeys 729, pp. 1-46: 2

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Callozostron Wright, 1885


Genus Callozostron Wright, 1885  

Callozostron   Wright 1885: 690-691; Wright and Studer 1889: 48; Bayer 1996: 151-152; Cairns and Bayer 2009: 32-33; Cairns 2016: 26-27 (key to species).

Type species.

Callozostron mirabile   Wright and Studer, 1889, by monotypy.


Colonies unbranched, sparsely dichotomously branched, or pinnately branched. Polyps arranged in whorls, the bases of adjacent polyps sometimes fused. Polyps covered by eight longitudinal rows of body wall scales, which completely cover the polyp. At least four and up to 24 marginal and submarginal scales bear elongate slender apical spines; marginal scales do not fold over operculars. Coenenchymal scales similar to those of body wall, arranged in one layer. All scales thin, with a smooth pouter face and tuberculate inner face.


Antarctic, Subantarctic, Antipodes, New Zealand, Clarion-Clipperton Fracture Zone, Galápagos, 744-4235 m deep.


A discussion and key to the six species in this genus are given by Cairns (2016).