Trichomanes cristatum Kaulf.

Matos, Fernando B., Bohn, Amabily & Labiak, Paulo H., 2020, The ferns and lycophytes of Reserva Natural Guaricica, Antonina, Paraná, Brazil, Check List 16 (1), pp. 183-206: 193-194

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Trichomanes cristatum Kaulf.


Trichomanes cristatum Kaulf.  

Figure 4F

Examined material. BRAZIL • 1 specimen; Trilha da Guaricica ; 25°19′13″S, 048°42′04″W; alt. 30 m; 15 Jan. 2005; F.B. Matos 186 leg.; UPCB5701 GoogleMaps   1 specimen; Trilha do Mirante ; 25°14′25″S, 048°39′55″W; alt. 360 m; 27 May 2006; F.B. Matos & M.C. Gomes 1173 leg.; UPCB5694 GoogleMaps   1 specimen; Trilha do Mirante ; 25°14′25″S, 048°39′55″W; alt. 350 m; 27 Aug. 2017; F.B. Matos et al. 2593 leg.; UPCB44197 GoogleMaps   1 specimen; Trilha Esborracha Faisqueira ; 25°23′37″S, 048°40′52″W; alt. 15 m; 12 Jun. 2019; F.B. Matos et al. 2652 leg.; UPCB44480 GoogleMaps   2 speci- mens; Trilha do Neno ; 25°22′36″S, 048°40′10″W; alt. 10 m; 28 Jun. 2007; P.H. Labiak et al. 3961 leg.; NY 886647 View Materials , UPCB5707 GoogleMaps   .

Identification. Characterized by short-creeping stems, linear to narrowly lanceolate leaves, deeply pinnatifid blades, and long hairs (up to 6 mm) adpressed to the rachises and petioles. Sori marginal, in tubular indusia at the apex of primary segments, receptacles usually exerted beyond indusia. This species is so locally common and distinct that it has received its own vernacular name: “rooster-tail fern”.

Distribution and habitat. Widely distributed in South America, but apparently absent in Amazon lowlands. Terrestrial in forests.


William and Lynda Steere Herbarium of the New York Botanical Garden