Telurus Kuschel, 1955,

Morrone, Juan J., 2013, The subtribes and genera of the tribe Listroderini (Coleoptera, Curculionidae, Cyclominae): Phylogenetic analysis with systematic and biogeographical accounts, ZooKeys 273, pp. 15-71: 41

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Telurus Kuschel, 1955

rev. placement

Telurus Kuschel, 1955  rev. placement Fig. 28

Telurus  Kuschel, 1955: 288.

Type species.

Antarctobius laticauda  Champion, 1918 (= Telurus dissimilis  [Fairmaire, 1885]) (by original designation).


Small (3.9-6.5 mm); vestiture of setae only; eyes subcircular, slightly convex; female elytral apex produced; female ventrites 3 and 4 combined longer than 5.


Telurus  is closely related to Falklandius  - Lanteriella  , as found in a previous analysis ( Morrone 1997a), and to Nestrius  , from New Zealand. Based on the presence of small scars (due to deciduous cusps) on the mandibles of Telurus caudiculatus  , Oberprieler (2010) excluded the genus from Listroderini  and transferred it to Cylydrorhininae  ( Entiminae  ). Future molecular analyses are required to corroborate its precise placement.

Species included.

Telurus caudiculatus  Morrone and Anderson, 1995; Telurus dissimilis  (Fairmaire, 1885).

Geographical distribution.

Andean region (Subantarctic subregion), in southern Chile ( Morrone and Anderson 1995; Posadas 2012).

Material examined.

Telurus caudiculatus  (AMNH, BMNH, CMNC, CNCI, CWOB, MCZ, MHNS, MLP, MZFC, USNM, ZMC) and Telurus dissimilis  (BMNH, IPUM, MHNS, MZFC, NZAC).