Hydatothrips ekasi Kudô, Kudo

Mirab-Balou, Majid, Yang, Shu-Lan & Tong, Xiao-Li, 2013, One new species, four new records and key to species of Hydatothrips (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) from China (including Taiwan), Zootaxa 3641 (1): -

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Hydatothrips ekasi Kudô


Hydatothrips ekasi Kudô  

Hydatothrips ekasi Kudô, 1991: 520   .

Described from Japan and recorded from Taiwan (Kudô 1991; Wang 2007), this species is newly recorded from mainland China, and identified from the published description.

Diagnosis. Female macroptera. Body brown, abdominal segments IV and V paler than other segments; antennal segments I –III yellow, other segments brown to dark brown, except base of IV yellow; fore wing brown with a sub-basal pale area. Head with ocellar setae pair III situated outside ocellar triangle; occipital apodeme touching posterior margin of eyes; antennae 8 -segmented. Pronotum with polygonal reticles outside blotch; blotch slightly concave anteromedially and extending to posterior margin of pronotum. Fore wing second vein without distal setae. Abdominal tergites II –VI without microtrichia on posterior median margin, but VII with short microtrichia medially and VIII with complete long microtrichia. Male similar to female, with transverse pore plates on sternites V –VII.

Specimens examined. CHINA: Jiangsu Province: 9 females, 4 males, Nanjing (32 °02ʹN, 118 ° 50 ʹE), from weeds, 8.v. 1985 [2 females, 7.v. 1985; 1 female, 18.v. 1985; 1 female, 17.v. 1985], coll. Ge Zhengyan; Hubei Province: 1 female, 2 males, Songbai (31 ° 44 ʹN, 110 ° 40 ʹE), Mt. Shengnongjia, from weeds, 9.vii. 1989, coll. Shen Shuping.