Hydatothrips noro Kudô, Kudo

Mirab-Balou, Majid, Yang, Shu-Lan & Tong, Xiao-Li, 2013, One new species, four new records and key to species of Hydatothrips (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) from China (including Taiwan), Zootaxa 3641 (1): -

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Hydatothrips noro Kudô


Hydatothrips noro Kudô  

Hydatothrips (Zonothrips) noro Kudô, 1997: 355   .

This species was described from Japan. It is here identified from the published description and newly recorded from Taiwan.

Diagnosis. Female macroptera. Body bicolored: brown to dark brown on head, pronotal blotch, meso- & metanotum, abdominal segments VII –IX; paler brown on tergites II –IV and last abdominal segment; yellow on other parts; abdominal antecostal ridge dark brown. Fore wing brown, with large subbasal band pale; antennal segments I –III pale yellow; IV brown, darker at extreme apex; V –VII pale brown. Head with transverse anastomosing striae and weak internal wrinkles; occipital apodeme not close to posterior margin of eyes; ocellar setae pair III situated outside of ocellar triangle. Antennae 7 -segmented. Pronotum with anterior and posterior margins of blotch concave, with transverse anastomosing striae and weak internal wrinkles. Tegula without microtrichia. Fore wing second vein with 2 setae. Abdominal tergites III –VI with microtrichia along antecostal ridge and between S 1 setae, tergites VII & VIII nearly entirely covered with microtrichia; segment IX without microtrichia, X with a few in front of S 1. Male with a large and transverse pore plate on sternites III –VII.

Specimens examined. TAIWAN: 2 females, 3 males, Daren (22 ° 17 ' 39 ″N, 120 ° 53 '02″E), Taidong County, from a groveling vine of Fabaceae   , 5.viii. 2012, coll. Tong Xiaoli.