Moridilla Bergh, 1888,

Schillo, Dorothee, Wipfler, Benjamin, Undap, Nani, Papu, Adelfia, Böhringer, Nils, Eisenbarth, Jan-Hendrik, Kaligis, Fontje, Bar, 2019, Description of a new Moridilla species from North Sulawesi, Indonesia (Mollusca: Nudibranchia: Aeolidioidea) - based on MicroCT, histological and molecular analyses, Zootaxa 4652 (2), pp. 265-295: 268

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Moridilla Bergh, 1888


Genus Moridilla Bergh, 1888 

Type species. Moridilla brockii Bergh, 1888 

Diagnosis. The genus Moridilla  is characterized by the following features: Body elongate, slender, tapering at posterior end of foot. Foot narrow; foot corners tentacular elongated. Rhinophores side by side, papillate. Tentacles elongate. Anterior cerata in slanted rows with innermost dorsal cerata unique in shape, significantly elongated, in coiled position, differently coloured; get fully extended in length and waved about forcefully when animal feels threatened. Jaw medium sized, masticatory border strong, slightly curved with single row of denticles. Radula uniseriate. Penis unarmed. Semi-serial receptaculum seminis ( Bergh 1888; Edmunds 1970).