Labiobaetis boussoulius (Gillies, 1993)

Kaltenbach, Thomas & Gattolliat, Jean-Luc, 2021, Labiobaetis Novikova & Kluge in West Africa (Ephemeroptera, Baetidae), with description of a new species, African Invertebrates 62 (1), pp. 355-382: 360

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Labiobaetis boussoulius (Gillies, 1993)


1. Labiobaetis boussoulius (Gillies, 1993)  

Labiobaetis boussoulius   : Gillies 1993: figs 4-12 ( Baetis boussoulius   )

Differential diagnoses.

Nymph. Following combination of characters: A) scape without distolateral process; B) labial palp segment II with broad, thumb-like distomedial protuberance; C) maxillary palp segment II with strongly developed excavation at inner distolateral margin, segment II 1.8-1.9 × length of segment I (Fig. 2a View Figure 2 ); D) fore femur mostly rather slender, length 3.1-4.1 × maximum width; dorsal margin with 9-12 spine-like setae; femoral patch well developed (Fig. 3a View Figure 3 ); E) hind protoptera well developed; F) seven pairs of gills.

Material examined.

Holotype. Guinea • Exuviae and male imago; Milo River, Boussoule ; 13.02.1986; leg. M.T. Gillies and J.-M. Elouard; on slides; NHM10017042, NHM10017043; NHM   . Other material. Guinea • 4 nymphs; same data as holotype; on slides; NHM10017044, NHM10017045, NHM10017046, NHM10017047; NHM   • 7 nymphs, 3 imagos; Milo River, Boussoule ; 22.12.1984; 2 nymphs on slides; GBIFCH00592438, GBIFCH00592763; 5 nymphs, 3 imagos in alcohol; GBIFCH00515625; MZL   .


Guinea (Fig. 4a View Figure 4 ).


United Kingdom, London, The Natural History Museum [formerly British Museum (Natural History)]