Africalolampra Roth, 1995, Roth, 1995

Leonid N. Anisyutkin, 2016, New and little known Epilamprinae (Dictyoptera: Blaberidae) from the collections of the Muséum d’histoire naturelle de Genève and the Zoological Institute RAS, Saint Petersburg. Part 2, Revue suisse de Zoologie 123 (1), pp. 139-152: 140

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Africalolampra Roth, 1995


Genus Africalolampra Roth, 1995  

Remarks: The genus Africalolampra   initially comprised a single species, A. ehrmanni   , from Kenya ( Roth, 1995). The genus diagnosis used a complex of characters, including weak sexual dimorphism (tegmina and wings completely developed in both sexes), metatarsus with 2 rows of spines along lower margin, tarsal claws distinctly serrated, first abdominal tergite of male with medial specialization, left stylus absent ( Roth, 1995).

Thetwospeciesdiscussedbelowroughlycorrespondtothe diagnosis of Roth, but A. punctipennis   has a pronounced sexual dimorphism, tegmina and wings completely developed in the male, but distinctly shortened in the female, and an unspecialized first abdominal tergite (see description below). The structure of the head is markedly different in A. erubescens   and A. punctipennis   (compare Fig. 1 View Figs 1 - 15 and 24 View Figs 24 - 37 of present paper).

The structure of the male genitalia of A. ehrmanni   was described only briefly. The statement that sclerite L 2 D (=L 2 d in Roth, 1995) of the male genitalia is not divided into a basal and apical part is probably erroneous because a small sclerotization is discernible on Fig. 4 in View Figs 1 - 15 the original description ( Roth, 1995). This sclerotization could correspond to the “apical sclerite” of sclerite L 2 D (compare fig. 4 in Roth, 1995 and Figs 10, 11 View Figs 1 - 15 of present paper).

Included species: The type species, A. erubescens ( Gerstaecker, 1883)   and A. punctipennis (Saussure, 1895)   .