Halichoclona Schmidt, 1862

Vicente, Jan, Zea, Sven & Hill, Russell T., 2016, Sponge epizoism in the Caribbean and the discovery of new Plakortis and Haliclona species, and polymorphism of Xestospongia deweerdtae (Porifera), Zootaxa 4178 (2), pp. 209-233 : 219

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Halichoclona Schmidt, 1862


Subgenus Halichoclona Schmidt, 1862

Definition. Chalinidae with a choanosomal skeleton consisting of a subisotropic, somewhat confused reticulation, commonly intercepted by many choanosomal spaces. Ectosomal skeleton of the same structure as that of the choanosome, usually very loosely overlaying the choanosome, from which it may be separated by extensive subectosomal spaces. Spongin absent or very scarce, at the nodes of the spicules. Megascleres usually acerate or hastate oxeas. Microscleres, if present, microxeas or sigmas. Sponges commonly relatively crisp and brittle, only slightly compressible ( De Weerdt 2002). Type species: Halichoclona gellindra De Laubenfels, 1932 .