Petrosiidae Van Soest, 1980

Vicente, Jan, Zea, Sven & Hill, Russell T., 2016, Sponge epizoism in the Caribbean and the discovery of new Plakortis and Haliclona species, and polymorphism of Xestospongia deweerdtae (Porifera), Zootaxa 4178 (2), pp. 209-233 : 222

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Petrosiidae Van Soest, 1980


Family Petrosiidae Van Soest, 1980

Definition. Haplosclerida with an ectosomal skeleton consisting of an isotropic reticulation of single spicules or spicule tracts and a choanosomal skeleton verging towards an isotropic reticulation of spicule tracts, in which primary and secondary tracts are indistinct ( Van Soest et al. 1980).