Aristochroa poecilma (Andrewes, 1937) Andrewes, 1937

Gueorguiev, Borislav V., 2013, On five species of the tribes Abacetini and Pterostichini (Coleoptera, Carabidae), ZooKeys 352, pp. 35-50 : 46

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Aristochroa poecilma (Andrewes, 1937)

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Aristochroa poecilma (Andrewes, 1937) View in CoL comb. n.

Feronia poecilma Andrewes, 1937: 5 (type locality: "S.E. Tibet: Tsangpo Valley, Nyima La, 15,000 feet")

Type material.

Holotype ♀, “Type” [typeset, white round label with red margin], "Brit. Mus. 1925-189." [typeset], "S.E.Tibet: Tsangpo Valley, Nyima La. 15,000 22.VI.1924. F. Kingdon Ward." [handwritten], " Feroniapoecilma Andr. Type H. E. Andrewes det." [handwritten & typeset] (BMNH, box No 682).

Examined material of other species.

Aristochroa gratiosa Tchitcherine, 1898, 1♂, with two labels in Chinese and a third one "Qinhai province China" (BMNH, box No 682); Aristochroa sp., 2♀♀, (BMNH, box No 682). The last two specimens with label "E. Tibet: Pochö. 12-16,000 ft. 18-20.vii.1936", and one of them with second label " Feroniapoecilma Andr. Type H. E. Andrewes det.".


The study of the Andrewes’s type has proved that it belongs to the subtribe Trigonognathina Tschitschérine, 1898, which includes Aristochroa Tschitschérine, 1898, Myas Sturm, 1826 (incl. Trigonognatha Motschulsky, 1858), Steropanus Fairmaire, 1888, and Xenion Tschitschérine, 1902. The presence of the following set of characters: 1/ anterior margin of ligula with four or more setae; 2/ elytra with intervals 1, 3, 5, and 7 wider, more or less distinctly raised and differently colored than the other intervals; 3/ terminal segment of both the maxillary and labial palpi not enlarged, revealed that the only specimen of this taxon belongs to Aristochroa .

The holotype of Aristochroa poecilma was found at Nyima La, a high-mountain passage in the Nyingchi Prefecture, the southeastern part of the Tibet Autonomous Region, China.