Pseudochrysogorgia Pante & France, 2010

Xu, Yu, Zhan, Zifeng & Xu, Kuidong, 2020, Morphology and phylogenetic analysis of five deep-sea golden gorgonians (Cnidaria, Octocorallia, Chrysogorgiidae) in the Western Pacific Ocean, with the description of a new species, ZooKeys 989, pp. 1-37: 1

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Pseudochrysogorgia Pante & France, 2010


Genus Pseudochrysogorgia Pante & France, 2010  


(based on Pante and France 2010). Main stem monopodial or slightly zigzagging with branches subdivided dichotomously in multiple planes, forming a bottlebrush-shaped colony. Most polyps leaning distad and neck narrower than head. Sclerites slightly ornamented, in the form of plates, scales and rods. When polyp not leaning distad, sclerites arranged obliquely on the polyp body. When polyps leaning distad, sclerites mostly arranged longitudinally (parallel to branch) on the polyp body, placed obliquely in the area of neck, and arranged longitudinally on head and along the back of tentacles. Scales and plates in branch coenenchyme mostly parallel to main branch axis.

Type species.

Pseudochrysogorgia bellona   Pante & France, 2010.


Southwest Pacific (Coral Sea and northeast of New Zealand), 800-1462 m depth ( Pante and France 2010, Pante et al. 2012).