Zamarada eurygnathus Fletcher, 1974

Sciarretta, Andrea & Hausmann, Axel, 2020, The Geometridae of Ethiopia III: genus Zamarada (Lepidoptera: Geometridae Ennominae, Cassymini), Zootaxa 4894 (3), pp. 301-328: 304-305

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Zamarada eurygnathus Fletcher, 1974


Zamarada eurygnathus Fletcher, 1974  

( Figs 3, 4 View FIGURES 1–9 , 35 View FIGURES 34–41 , 55 View FIGURES 55–57 )

Zamarada eurygnathus Fletcher, 1974: 32   , text-figs 21,22, pl. 96 fig. 852. Locus typicus: Kenya: Nairobi, Ngong, vii.1954 (Fowler & Coulson) (Holotype Ƌ in NHMUK).

Examined material. 1Ƌ 3♀: ÄTHIOPIEN, Arba Minch, Gamo Gofa Region, 06°0’N 37°33’E, 1400 m, 14.4– 2.5.2001, leg. G. Riedel & R. Beck ( ZSM G 20599 View Materials / Ƌ / BC ZSM Lep 13775, failure); 2Ƌ GoogleMaps   5♀: S. ETHIOPIA, Arba Minch, Reg. Omo, Prov. Gemu Gofa , 1350–1450m, 6°0′N 37°33′E 14.IV.–2.V.2001, leg. R. Beck, leg. G. Riedel ( ZSM G 20208 View Materials / ♀ / BC ZSM Lep 13776; BC ZSM Lep 13773); 1Ƌ GoogleMaps   2♀: S. ETHIOPIA, Arba Minch, Reg. Omo, Prov. Gemu Gofa   GoogleMaps , 1350–1450m, 6°0′N 37°33′E, 24.V.–4.VI.1999, leg. Beck / Hiermeier ( ZSM G 20209 View Materials / ♀ / LEP-SS-00517);   1Ƌ: ÄTHIOPIEN, Arba Minch , Reg.Omo , Prov. Gemu Gofa , 06°00.196′N / 037°33.043′E, 3100m, 14.–23.V.1999, leg. R. Beck & M. Hiermeier ( ZSM G 20300 View Materials / Ƌ / LEP-SS-00518 failure) GoogleMaps   ; 1♀: ÄTHIOPIEN, Os-tafrikanischer Graben, Prov. Gamu Gofa, Arba Minch 12 km NNO, 1620 m, 06°08.311ʹN, 37°34.963ʹO, 22.v.2012, Dietl M. + S. & R. Beck GoogleMaps   ; 1♀: S ETHIOPIA SN, Jinga, Mago NP, mainroad 6km WSW Jinka, 1437m, 05°47‘35‘‘ N 36°28‘24‘‘E 24.II.2012 leg. Hacker & Schreier ( ZSM G 20808 View Materials / ♀); GoogleMaps   1Ƌ: ÄTHIOPIEN, Reg.Sidamo / Oromia, Bale Mts. , Prov. Bale, Goba to Sof Omar, 1640 m, 06°58′N, 40°34′O, 12.v.2012, Dietl M. + S. & R Beck ( ƋBC ZSM Lep 109449) GoogleMaps   .

Description. Adult ♀ ( Fig. 4 View FIGURES 1–9 ): forewing length 10–11 mm. Antennae filiform. Hyaline area of wings creamy, variably irrorated with yellowish-brown and dark brown; basal and medial fascia in fore- and hindwing poorly

defined; costa of forewing yellowish-brown, irrorated with black; discal spot on forewing grey, black-ringed; punctiform discal spot on hindwings black. Extended non-hyaline terminal area of fore- and hind wings grey, irrorated with brown and black scales between M1 and M3, proximally black-bordered.

Female genitalia ( Fig. 55 View FIGURES 55–57 ). Antrum symmetrical, anterior part sclerotized, posterior margin deeply incised and medially dentate. Ductus seminalis dilated forming a globular sac. Corpus bursae ribbed in the proximal part, the single signum rounded with edges serrate.

Differential diagnosis. Female genitalia differ from those of the related Z. townsendi Fletcher, 1974   and Z. anacantha Fletcher, 1974   in the different shape of the posterior margin of ostium bursae.

Genetic data. BIN: BOLD:AAH8465 (n=3 from Ethiopia; maximum variation 0.4%). Nearest species: Z. cinnamomata Fletcher, 1978   (2.4%).

Distribution. Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda ( Fletcher 1974; Aarvik. & Bjørnstad 2007; De Prins & De Prins 2019). New for the fauna of Ethiopia.

Remarks. Some slight differences in male genitalia when compared with the figure in Fletcher (1974), supposedly based on the type material: Uncus longer, larger at base, gnathos scobinate and divided into two lobes, lateral cornutus of aedeagus not pointed, fulcrum not visible.


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Zamarada eurygnathus Fletcher, 1974

Sciarretta, Andrea & Hausmann, Axel 2020

Zamarada eurygnathus

Fletcher, D. S. 1974: 32