Acaromantis Trouessart and Neumann, 1893, Trouessart and Neumann, 1893

Tiago, Almir Rogério Pepato Cláudio Gonçalves, 2004, The genera Acaromantis and Simognathus (Simognathinae, Halacaridae) on the north coast of São Paulo State, Brazil, Zootaxa 615, pp. 1-16: 2

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Acaromantis Trouessart and Neumann, 1893


Genus Acaromantis Trouessart and Neumann, 1893  

Diagnosis: Spindle­shaped body. Dorsal plates foveate throughout. Ocular plates absent or reduced to small sclerites. Two­segmented palps attached dorsally on gnathosoma, bearing one ventral, one dorsal and two distal setae on P 2. Tibia I at least as long as three times its height, apically narrowing and with a heavy spine. Tarsus I short with a heavy medial claw but without lateral claws. Genu I bearing a bipectinate seta. Telofemur I with only one seta.