Camisia biverrucata,

van der Hammen, L., 1959, Berlese's Primitive Oribatid Mites, Zoologische Verhandelingen 40, pp. 1-93: 66

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Camisia biverrucata


Camisia biverrucata  (C. L. Koch, 1839)

Nothrus biverrucatus C. L. Koch  , 1839, fasc. 29 (15).

Nothrus horridus  , Nicolet, 1855, pl. 7 fig. 1; Berlese, 1885a, fasc. 17 (1); 1885c, pp. 6, 9.

Camisia biverrucata  , Sellnick & Forsslund, 1955, p. 482, fig. 10.

Berlese apparently drew his specimen partly after Nicolet; both authors figure 2 pairs of the notogastral hairs ps1 (= PN1) instead of one. For this reason Oudemans (1900) gave new names to horridus  Nicolet ( Camisia nicoleti  ) and horridus  Berlese ( C. berlesei  ); later (1901) he placed berlesei  in the synonymy of nicoleti  . In fact both are Synonyms of biverrucata  , just as C. fischeri Oudemans  (1900).

Lombardini (1936, p. 45, sub Nothrus  ) records biverrucatus  as well as horridus  in his Catalogue of the Berlese Collection. Sellnick & Forsslund (1955) remark that they studied a biverrucata-slide in Florence indeed. I have paid no attention to the species, because the identity of Berlese's records appears certain.