Campylopus arctocarpus (Hornsch.),

J. Florschutz-de Waard, H. R. Zielman & M. A. Bruggeman- Nannenga, 2011, Flora of the Guianas, Series C, fascicle 2., Kew: Kew Publishing: 6

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Campylopus arctocarpus (Hornsch.)


2. Campylopus arctocarpus (Hornsch.)  Mitt., J. Linn. Soc. Bot. 12: 87. 1 869. - Dicranum arctocarpus Hornsch.  in Mart., Fl. Bras. l(2): 1 2. 1 840. Type: Uruguay, Montevideo, Sellow s.n. ( BM).

Description and synonymy see Musci I in Fl. Suriname 6: 73. 1964 View Cited Treatment .

Distribution: Widespread in the Neotropics: Mexico, West Indies, C and (sub)tropical S America.

Ecology: Terrestrial or epiphytic on tree trunks; in the Guianas restricted to higher altitudes.

Note: This species is closely related to C. cubensis  . The 2 species are not easy to separate because the differentiating characters are not consistent (see under C. cubensis  \.