Acholoe squamosa (Delle Chiaje, 1825),

Faulwetter, Sarah, Simboura, Nomiki, Katsiaras, Nikolaos, Chatzigeorgiou, Giorgos & Arvanitidis, Christos, 2017, Polychaetes of Greece: an updated and annotated checklist, Biodiversity Data Journal 5, pp. 20997-20997: 20997

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Acholoe squamosa (Delle Chiaje, 1825)


Acholoe squamosa (Delle Chiaje, 1825) 

Acholoe astericola  (Delle Chiaje, 1841) | Acholoe squamosa  (Delle Chiaje, 1825)


Opinions on the validity of the name Acholoe squamosa  are divided. Delle Chiaje (1825) described Nereis squamosa  , but when he moved the species to Polynoe  he used the replacement name Polynoe astericola  ( Delle Chiaje 1841: 106) possibly to avoid confusion with Savigny's 1818 Polynoe squamata  ( Pettibone 1996). Thus, Pettibone (1996) and Barnich and Fiege (2003) use Acholoe astericola  as the valid name. However, as Savigny's species is Polynoe squamata  ( Savigny 1818: 309), not squamosa and Delle Chiaje was apparently aware of this, as he uses the name squamata alongside squamosa ( Delle Chiaje 1841: 57, 106). Thus, there was no secondary homonymy and, as Nereis squamosa  is an available name, there was and is no need for a replacement name. Therefore, we here consider Acholoe squamosa  to be the valid name (see also WoRMS for additional information). Reported from Greece by Arvanitidis (1994). Type locality: Mediterranean (Gulf of Naples).