Sulcospira pageli (Thiele, 1908),

Ng, Ting Hui, Dulipat, Jasrul, Foon, Junn Kitt, Lopes-Lima, Manuel, Alexandra Zieritz, & Liew, Thor-Seng, 2017, A preliminary checklist of the freshwater snails of Sabah (Malaysian Borneo) deposited in the BORNEENSIS collection, Universiti Malaysia Sabah, ZooKeys 673, pp. 105-123: 106

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Sulcospira pageli (Thiele, 1908)


Sulcospira pageli (Thiele, 1908)  Figure 2J,K


Melania schmidti  Martens, 1908.

Material examined.

BOR/MOL542, BOR/MOL543, BOR/MOL544, BOR/MOL547, BOR/MOL548, BOR/MOL550, BOR/MOL1752, BOR/MOL1753, BOR/MOL3100, BOR/MOL3394, BOR/MOL3450, BOR/MOL3457, BOR/MOL3761, BOR/MOL3825, BOR/MOL5947, BOR/MOL5950, BOR/MOL6707, BOR/MOL6709, BOR/MOL6711, BOR/MOL6715, BOR/MOL6717, BOR/MOL6718, BOR/MOL6722, BOR/MOL8693, BOR/MOL8694, BOR/MOL8695, BOR/MOL8696, BOR/MOL8697, BOR/MOL8698, BOR/MOL8701.

Distribution and habitat.

West from Kota Marudu to Kota Kinabalu, in the interior in Tenom and Keningau, and eastern Sabah in Beluran, Kinabatangan, Lahad Datu, Kunak, Tawau. Found in forest streams and in the vicinity of limestone caves, rivers, and in streams along paddy fields.


This species has previously been synonymised with Sulcospira schmidti  (Martens, 1908), which was also originally described from Borneo ( Köhler and Glaubrecht 2001). Shells appear to be highly plastic, with material examined having shells with rounded or pointed basal lips, with or without raised ribs, and with or without spiral striae at the bottom of final body whorl. Other species of Sulcospira  have previously been described from Borneo (see e.g., Köhler and Glaubrecht 2001, 2002, Köhler and Dames 2009), but pending further analysis and availability of fresh material for molecular sequencing, we tentatively consider all material conspecific.