Myrmecophilus (Myrmophilina) americanus Saussure, 1877,

Komatsu, Takashi & Maruyama, Munetoshi, 2016, Taxonomic recovery of the ant cricket Myrmecophilusalbicinctus from M. americanus (Orthoptera, Myrmecophilidae), ZooKeys 589, pp. 97-106: 99-100

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Myrmecophilus (Myrmophilina) americanus Saussure, 1877


Taxon classification Animalia Orthoptera Myrmecophilidae

Myrmecophilus (Myrmophilina) americanus Saussure, 1877 

Material examined.

3♂ and 1♀, collected from 50 Ngamwongwan Rd. ChatuChak Bangkok, Thailand, 6-X-2007, Komatsu T.; 1♀, Plot 256, Tingkat Perusahaan 5, Ka wasan Perindustrian Perai 2, Perai, Penang, Malaysia, 28-I-2011, Sumino T.; 1♀, Andalas University, Jl. Limau Manis, Kecamatan Pauh, Padang, Sumatera Barat 25163, Indonesia, 27-XI-2013, Komatsu T.; 1♂, Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia, JL. Raya Jakarta Bogor km 46, Cibinong 16911, Indonesia, 20 VI 2013, Komatsu T.

Type material.

Syntype 1♀: Barkuda Id., Chilka Lake, Ganjam dist., Madras Pres. 4-19-1919. F. H. Gravery, Zool. Surv. Ind. ( MNHN) (Fig. 3a)


Hind tarsus is relatively short (less than 1 mm, Fig. 4a); male phallic complex with pseudepiphallic ancorae short and roughly rounded with no dorsal branch. Ventral appendage of pseudepiphallic ancora somewhat predominant with both ends roughly square (Fig. 4b); male tenth abdominal tergite bituberculate, with scarce hair but without long strong spines (Fig. 4c); female ovipositor notably short and spoon-shaped in lateral view. Apical valves on both dorsal and ventral margins rounded, more than in other Myrmecophilus  species (both Myrmecophilus americanus  and Myrmecophilus albicinctus  have rounded valves, with those of latter being more rounded) (Fig. 4d, e).