Carpinus omeiensis Hu & Fang

Holstein, Norbert & Weigend, Maximilian, 2017, No taxon left behind? - a critical taxonomic checklist of Carpinus and Ostrya (Coryloideae, Betulaceae), European Journal of Taxonomy 375, pp. 1-52: 20

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Carpinus omeiensis Hu & Fang


26. Carpinus omeiensis Hu & Fang  

Acta Phytotaxonomica Sinica 9: 296 ( Hu 1964). – Type: China, Sichuan, Mount Omei [Éméi Shān], Dashiaochenfeng, 1900 m a.s.l., 7 Oct. 1957, K.H. Yang [Yang Kuang-Hway, 杨光辉] 57490 (lecto-, designated here: PE00021939!; isolecto-: IBSC0368104, KUN0590785!, NAS00070308, PE00818214!). – Additional type material: China, Guizhou, Teking Hsien, Yaimenko, 1200 m a.s.l., in dense forest on slope, 15 Aug. 1959, North Kweichow Exped. [黔北队] 1631 (para-: KUN0590783!, NAS00070309!, PE00818217!, PE00818218!).