Carpinus kweichowensis Hu

Holstein, Norbert & Weigend, Maximilian, 2017, No taxon left behind? - a critical taxonomic checklist of Carpinus and Ostrya (Coryloideae, Betulaceae), European Journal of Taxonomy 375, pp. 1-52: 17

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Carpinus kweichowensis Hu


16. Carpinus kweichowensis Hu  

Sinensia 2: 79, fig. 1 ( Hu 1931). – Type: China, Guizhou, Chengfeng Hsien, Pa-na, Si-mi-yao, mixed woods, 24 Oct. 1930, Y. Tsiang [蒋英] 4406 (lecto-, designated here: NAS00070306!; isolecto-: A00033757!, BM!, E00275503!, K000859925!, N000053496, NAS00070305!, NY00253862!, PE00021906!, PE00021908!, US 00089310!). – Note: the specimen selected here as lectotype is annotated as holotype, but it was not published as such. It is also the specimen depicted in figure 1 in Hu (1931).

C. austroyunnanensis Hu   , Bulletin of the Fan Memorial Institute of Biology n.s. 1 (3): 213 ( Hu 1949). – Type: China, Yunnan Province, Xichou, Hsin cheih, 24 Oct. 1947, K.M. Feng 12609 [erroneously published as 13609] (lecto-, designated here: PE00020175!; isolecto-: PE00818041!, WUK0207172). – Note: the type citation of C. austroyunnanensis   is erroneous, as K.M. Feng 13609 (PE00792657) was collected the 23 Nov. 1947 and is a Morinda species, while K.M. Feng 12609 was annotated by Hu as C. austroyunnanensis   .