Carpinus betulus ‘ Fastigiata Cucullata, Fastigiata Cucullata

Holstein, Norbert & Weigend, Maximilian, 2017, No taxon left behind? - a critical taxonomic checklist of Carpinus and Ostrya (Coryloideae, Betulaceae), European Journal of Taxonomy 375, pp. 1-52: 9

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Carpinus betulus ‘ Fastigiata Cucullata


1j. Carpinus betulus ‘ Fastigiata Cucullata  

C. betulus   f. cucullata hort. ex H.J.P.Winkl., Das Pflanzenreich IV 61 (Heft 19): 31 ( Winkler 1904). – C. betulus fastigiata   cucullata G.Kirchn., Arboretum Muscaviense: 667 ( Petzold & Kirchner 1864) nom. inval. [polynomen as it was not published hyphenated, cf. Art. 20.3, Ex.7, McNeill et al. (2012)]. – Original citation: No detailed data given. – Type: not localized. – Note: this is a garden cultivar with pyramidal growth and hooded leaves. The cultivar name ‘Fastigiata Cucullata’ is the earliest available one (Art. 21.6; Brickell et al. 2009), although not valid under the botanical Code (Art. 23.6c; McNeill et al. 2012), under which it was independently published as C. betulus   f. cucullata by Winkler (1904).