Carpinus betulus ‘ Horizontalis, Horizontalis

Holstein, Norbert & Weigend, Maximilian, 2017, No taxon left behind? - a critical taxonomic checklist of Carpinus and Ostrya (Coryloideae, Betulaceae), European Journal of Taxonomy 375, pp. 1-52: 10

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Carpinus betulus ‘ Horizontalis


1 m. Carpinus betulus ‘ Horizontalis  

C. betulus   [unknown rank] horizontalis Simon-Louis, “ Preisverw., Herbst” 1902–1903 (Simon- Louis 1902). – C. betulus   f. horizontalis (Simon-Louis) C.K.Schneid., Illustriertes Handbuch der Laubholzkunde 1: 140 ( Schneider 1904) – C. betulus var. horizontalis (Simon-Louis) Bean, Trees and Shrubs, Hardy   in the British Isles 1: 294 ( Bean 1914). – Original citation: No detailed data given [found by M. Jouin on the Simon-Louis establishments near Metz, France ( Bean 1914)]. – Type: not localized. – Note: this is a cultivar with a flat crown. The present authors do not have the Simon-Louis catalogue at hand. Depending on whether or not it contains a description and a definite rank, Schneider’s name would become valid when he provided both. If the publication by Simon- Louis constitutes a valid publication with a definite rank, either Schneider’s or Bean’s combination might become superfluous.