Ostrya carpinifolia Scop.

Holstein, Norbert & Weigend, Maximilian, 2017, No taxon left behind? - a critical taxonomic checklist of Carpinus and Ostrya (Coryloideae, Betulaceae), European Journal of Taxonomy 375, pp. 1-52: 33-34

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Ostrya carpinifolia Scop.


1. Ostrya carpinifolia Scop.  

Flora Carniolica ed. 2, 2: 244 ( Scopoli 1772). – O. carpinifolia var. genuina Fliche   , Bulletin de la Société botanique de France 35: 166 ( Fliche 1888) nom. inval. (although not explicitly cited but in context including the type, see Art. 24.3, McNeill et al. 2012). – O. italica subsp. carpinifolia (Scop.) H.J.P.Winkl., Das Pflanzenreich   IV 61 (Heft 19): 22 ( Winkler 1904). – Carpinus ostrya   L., Species Plantarum: 998 ( Linnaeus 1753) p.p. – Original citation: “ Italia, Virginia.” – Type: s. loc., s. coll. (lecto-, designated by Iamonico & Reveal (2012: 866): LINN! ex herb. Linn. no. 1131.4). – Additional original material: S.d. (BM000647418! ex herb. Clifford 447, Carpinus   2).

O. vulgaris Willd.   , Species Plantarum ed. 4, 4 (1): 469 ( Willdenow 1805) nom. illegit. superfl. – Note: Willdenow cites O. carpinifolia   as synonym, so his name is superfluous.

O. italica P.Micheli ex Spach, Annales   des sciences naturelles, Botanique ser. 2 16: 246 ( Spach 1841b) nom. illegit. superfl. – O. italica Scop., Flora Carniolica   : 414 ( Scopoli 1760) nom. inval. (polynomen), pro syn. – Carpinus italica Steud., Nomenclator Botanicus   ed. 2, 1: 300 ( Steudel 1841) nom. inval. pro syn. – O. ostrya var. italica (P.Micheli ex Spach) C.K.Schneid., Illustriertes Handbuch der Laubholzkunde   1: 143 ( Schneider 1904) nom. inval. (tautonym). – Note: Ostrya italica Scop.   is rather a misinterpretation as Scopoli discusses only genera and as he did not adopt Linnaeus’ binomials in this work. Scopoli’s name might better be read as polynomial “ Ostrya Italica, Carpini   folio liongiore &? breviore.” that he took from Micheli (1729: 223) as one of the names used for the genus Ostrya   . Spach accepted O. italica   in 1841, but he cited O. carpinifolia   in synonymy. One year later, Spach refers to the species as O. vulgaris Willd. Steudel   refers to an unpublished name, or used by Scopoli, “ Carpinus italica   ” (or mistaken by Steudel) as a synonym of O. vulgaris   .

O. cylindrica Friv., A’Magyar Tudós Társaság Évkönyvei   3 (3): 163 ( Frivaldszky von Frivald 1837) nom. nud. – Note: the name also appears on a specimen (WU!) from Macedonia.

O. carpinifolia var. alpestris Ces., Saggio   su la Geografia botanica e su la Flora della Lombardia: 61 ( Cesati 1844). – Type: not localized (RO?). – Note: There is a specimen by Cesati from Varenna, Lombardy, Italy (P06751764!). It was annotated by him as “ Ostrya carpinifolia   β collina mihi ”. Eventually, Cesati changed his mind about the epithet upon publication of his new variety.

O. ladelcii Sanguin., Flora Romanae   Prodromus Alter   : 818 ( Sanguinetti 1864). – Original citation: “In sylvaticis Latii, Frascati, Albano.” – Type: not localized (RO?).

O. carpinifolia var. corsica Fliche   , Bulletin de la Société botanique de France 35: 166 ( Fliche 1888). – Type: France, Corsica, forêt communale de Pietrosa, May 1885, P. Fliche s.n. (syn-: not localized). France, Corsica, forêt de Tova, May 1885, P. Fliche s.n. (syn-: not localized); ibid., forêt de Bavella, Mathieu s.n. (syn-: not localized); ibid., plateau de Nebbio, Mathieu s.n. (syn-: not localized).

O. carpinifolia var. lanceolata Kem.   -Nath., Trudy Tbilisskogo Botaniceskogo Instituta 2: 131 (Kemularia- Nathadze 1937). – Type: Georgia, prov. Kutais, distr. Letschchum, fauces fl. Ladjanura loc. Orpiri, prope pag. Atscharis-chidi ad rupes calcareas, 22 May 1929, L.M. Kemularia-Nathadze s.n. (syn-: not localized); ibid., 19 Oct. 1932, L.M. Kemularia-Nathadze s.n. (syn-: not localized).














Ostrya carpinifolia Scop.

Holstein, Norbert & Weigend, Maximilian 2017

O. ladelcii

Sanguin., Flora Romanae 1864