NECOPINATIDAE Ramazzotti & Maucci, 1983, Ramazzotti & Maucci, 1983

Pilato, Giovanni & Binda, Maria Grazia, 2010, Definition of families, subfamilies, genera and subgenera of the Eutardigrada, and keys to their identification, Zootaxa 2404, pp. 1-54: 45

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NECOPINATIDAE Ramazzotti & Maucci, 1983


NECOPINATIDAE Ramazzotti & Maucci, 1983  

Pilato (1971 a), when originally describing the genus Necopinatum   , considered it incertae sedis but Ramazzotti and Maucci (1983) instituted for it the family Necopinatidae   . Currently the genus Apodibius   is also ascribed to this family. In our opinion the family is allied with the family Calohypsibiidae   and it may be defined as follows: eutardigrades without cephalic papillae; legs short and bilobate; claws absent or in the form of small forceps ( Fig. 26 View FIGURE 26 A). Bucco-pharyngeal apparatus with rigid buccal tube with or without ventral lamina. When peribuccal structures are present, the sagittal plane passes between those structures. ( Fig. 26 View FIGURE 26 C).