Myxicola Renier in Meneghini, 1847,

Tovar-Hernández, María Ana, León-González, Jesús Ángel De & Bybee, David R., 2017, Sabellid worms from the Patagonian Shelf and Humboldt Current System (Annelida, Sabellidae): Phyllis Knight-Jones’ and José María Orensanz’s collections, Zootaxa 4283 (1), pp. 1-64: 16-17

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Myxicola Renier in Meneghini, 1847


Genus Myxicola Renier in Meneghini, 1847 

Remarks. Currently there are seven valid species in Myxicola  : M. aesthetica ( Claparède, 1870)  , described from Italy; M. fauveli Potts, 1928  , from Suez Canal; M. infundibulum ( Montagu, 1808)  , from England; M. ommatophora Grube, 1878  , from Philippines; M. sulcata Ehlers, 1912  , from Ross Sea; M. violacea ( Langerhans, 1884)  , from Madeira; and M. nana Capa & Murray, 2015  , from Lizard Island. Among these, M. infundibulum  is noted because it has been synonymized with at least 22 species ( Bellan 2008) and formerly considered cosmopolitan.

However, a worldwide revision of all types is needed because many features have been overlooked, such as presence/absence of radiolar eyes; shape and height of the ventral margin of the anterior peristomial ring; presence of notches on lateral margins of the anterior peristomial ring; number and size of teeth on thoracic and abdominal uncini; presence of interramal eyespots on thorax or abdominal segments; and shapes and locations of dorsal and ventral lips. All of these features may be useful in distinguishing between species. In this study, M. sulcata  is reported and redescribed, in order to include detailed branchial crown characters. Specimens reviewed in this study match with the description and drawings provided by Ehlers (1912) for M. sulcata  , an Antarctic species.