Bispira Krøyer, 1856,

Tovar-Hernández, María Ana, León-González, Jesús Ángel De & Bybee, David R., 2017, Sabellid worms from the Patagonian Shelf and Humboldt Current System (Annelida, Sabellidae): Phyllis Knight-Jones’ and José María Orensanz’s collections, Zootaxa 4283 (1), pp. 1-64: 6

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Bispira Krøyer, 1856


Genus Bispira Krøyer, 1856 

Remarks. A partial revision of Bispira  was provided by Knight-Jones & Perkins (1998). A cladistic analysis was undertaken by Fitzhugh (1989), which found Bispira  as monophyletic with the inclusion of the sister taxa Branchiomma Kölliker, 1858  , and Pseudobranchiomma Jones, 1962  , supported by a number of synapomorphies: presence of interramal eyespots; inferior thoracic notochaetal fascicles in bundles with longitudinal chaetal rows, and abdominal neuropodial tori in the form of conical lobes. On the contrary, the hypothesis provided by Capa (2008), found Bispira  as paraphyletic without the inclusion of Pseudobranchiomma  and Branchiomma  , but the high homoplasy and the low jacknife support for the clade suggest that these results are preliminary. Currently Bispira  is composed of 22 species ( Capa et al. 2014). In South America , only one species of Bispira  is currently known, B. klautae Costa-Paiva & Paiva, 2007  , from Rocas Atoll ( Brazil).