Androlaelaps geomys (Strandtmann)

Howell, Lindsey, Jelden, Katelyn, Rácz, Elizabeth, Gardner, Scott L. & Gettinger, Donald, 2016, Arthropods infesting small mammals (Insectivora and Rodentia) near Cedar Point Biological Station in southwestern Nebraska, Insecta Mundi 2016 (478), pp. 1-16: 9-10

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Androlaelaps geomys (Strandtmann)


Androlaelaps geomys (Strandtmann)  

Type host: Geomys sp.   from Brooks Co., Georgia.

Deposition, host records, and locality: HWML 92014, G. lutescens   /Ackley 2013; HWML 101702, 101704, 101705, and 101708, G. lutescens   /Ackley 2013; HWML 92022, G. lutescens   /Ackley 2013; HWML 92032, 101737, 101746, and 101750, G. lutescens   / Ackley 2013; HWML 92041, G. lutescens   /Ackley 2013; HWML 92048, G. lutescens   /Ackley 2013; HWML 101786, 101787, 101788, 101790, and 92051, G. lutescens   /Ackley 2013.

Remarks: Androlaelaps geomys   is a pleioxenous ectoparasite reported exclusively from fossorial rodents ( Geomyidae   ). It appears to infest all geomyid species, including Thomomys   , Geomys   , and Cratogeomys   ( Miller and Ward 1960; Rust 1973; Whitaker et al. 2007; Wilkins and Houck 2001). This association was first recorded in Nebraska by Rapp (1962) from G. lutescens   , near Chadron, in Dawes County. The mite is easily distinguished from other Androlaelaps   infesting small mammals by the gnathosome with a distinct labial-brush.


Howard W. Manter Laboratory of Parasitology