Hyperlaelaps microti (Ewing)

Howell, Lindsey, Jelden, Katelyn, Rácz, Elizabeth, Gardner, Scott L. & Gettinger, Donald, 2016, Arthropods infesting small mammals (Insectivora and Rodentia) near Cedar Point Biological Station in southwestern Nebraska, Insecta Mundi 2016 (478), pp. 1-16: 9

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Hyperlaelaps microti (Ewing)


Hyperlaelaps microti (Ewing)  

Type host: Microtus californicus Merriam, 1880   ; from Los Angeles, CA.

Deposition, host records, and locality: HWML 101660, M. ochrogaster   /Station Grounds 2012; HWML 101671, M. ochrogaster   /Station Grounds 2012.

Remarks: There are multiple records for H. microti   in Nebraska. Rapp (1962) reported this mite from M. ochrogaster   near Chadron, in Dawes County. Later, Timm (1973) collected H. microti   from M. pennsylvanicus   in Kearney County, and from M. ochrogaster   in Saline County. Jameson (1947b) reports H. microti   as common on M. ochrogaster   in Kansas, on M. pennsylvanicus   in New York, and on Microtus californicus (Peale, 1848)   in Alameda County, California. This species is collected primarily from voles of the genus Microtus   ( Evans and Till 1966; Timm 1972).


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