Fahrenholzia zacatecae Ferris

Howell, Lindsey, Jelden, Katelyn, Rácz, Elizabeth, Gardner, Scott L. & Gettinger, Donald, 2016, Arthropods infesting small mammals (Insectivora and Rodentia) near Cedar Point Biological Station in southwestern Nebraska, Insecta Mundi 2016 (478), pp. 1-16: 5

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Fahrenholzia zacatecae Ferris


Fahrenholzia zacatecae Ferris  

Type host: Chaetodipus hispidus zacatecae Osgood, 1900   , Valparaiso, Zacatecas, Mexico.

Deposition, host records, and locality: HWML 91984, C. hispidus   /Grama Grass 2012; HWML 101678, C.hispidus   /Grama Grass 2012; HWML 101682, C.hispidus   /Grama Grass 2012.

Remarks: This species is a permanent associate with the Hispid Pocket Mouse, C. hispidus   , and probably infests this host throughout its geographic range, including Mexico, Arizona, and Texas ( Kim et al. 1986). Light and Hafner (2007) report a vouchered C. hispidus   infested with this louse species in Hidalgo County, Texas. In Oklahoma, however, Ellis (1955) reports Fahrenholzia tribulosa Ferris, 1922   , as the louse from C. hispidus   .


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