Trigonocorypha unicolor Stål (1787),

Nagar, Rajendra, Swaminathan, R. & Mal, Jhabar, 2015, Some common and less known Phaneropterinae (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae; Phaneropterinae) with the description of a new species from India, Zootaxa 4027 (3), pp. 301-340: 320-322

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Trigonocorypha unicolor Stål (1787)


Trigonocorypha unicolor Stål (1787) 

( Fig. 11View FIGURE 11; Plate XV & XVI) Orthoptera 7817

Material examined. (36 Specimens 22 ♀& 14 ♂) India (Gujarat, Rajasthan): 6.viii. 2007, Coll. Lekha (Udaipur); 10.ix. 2007, Coll. S.L. Jat (Udaipur); 11.viii. 2007, Coll. S.L. Jat (Udaipur); 2007, Coll. Lekha (Udaipur) (4); 7.vii. 2007, Coll. Lekha (Salumber, Udaipur); 20.viii. 2007, Coll. Lekha (Udaipur); 2007, Coll. Lekha (Udaipur); 2006, Coll. B.K. Patidar; 2007; Coll. Lekha (Udaipur) (3); 17.vii. 2006, Coll. D.P. Choudhary (KVK, Kota); 28.xi. 2008, Coll. P.S. Rathore (Udaipur) (3); 7.vii. 2007, Coll. R. Swaminathan (Udaipur); 20.viii. 2012, Coll. R. Swaminathan (RCA, Udaipur), (2); 21.viii. 2013, Coll. Jhabar Mal ( ARSS, Vallbhnagar); 4.ix. 2007, Coll. R. Swaminathan (Udaipur); 20.viii. 2006, Coll. B.K. Patidar (Mavli, Udaipur) (4); 11.x. 2012, Coll. Rajendra Nagar (Banswara) (3); 27.x. 2012, Coll. R. Swaminathan (Rajasmand) (2); 20.ix. 2009, Coll. A. Pareek (Bikaner); 20.viii. 2012, Coll. R. Swaminathan (Bikaner); 2015, Coll. Rajendra Nagar (Harjipur, Modasa).

Male: Body green in color, large in size. Fastigium very low, wide triangular, wider basally than antennal pedicel, pointed anteriorly and almost in contact with frontal apex at a single point on upper side grooved or with lateral fringe. Pronotum with flat, slightly concave disc; lateral carinae straight conspicuous, divergent posteriorly, with fine serration. Posterior margin of pronotum rounded, sulcus U-shaped without elevated fringe, lateral lobes of pronotum vertical, flat, forming distinct angle with the disc, slightly rounded posterior margin; humeral notch sharp but of moderate depth. Stridulatory file on underside of left tegmen, wings are larger than the tegmina. Femura with the following number of spines on venteral margins profemur only external 2–3 no spine internal dorsal rounded, mesofemur external 5–7 internal 0–1, postfemur internal 10–12 and external 13–15. Protibia dorso external 4–6 internal no spine, venteral external 6–7 internal 5–6; mesotibia dorsal external 0–4 internal 9–10 venteral external 10–11 internal 6–7; posterior tibia dorso external 28–29 internal 27–28 ventral external 12–13 internal 12–14. Epiproct tongue shaped flattened. Cerci in male elongated, slightly curved and reaching apex of the subgenital plate. Subgenital plate triangularly excised from base, very styli small, shorter than half the length of the divided area apex sub acute.

Female: Ovipositor short, strongly flattened, bent upward, with fine serration on the entire upper margin and the apical part of lower margin, apex of ovipositor roundly obtuse. Cerci in female small with minute hairs.