Isopsera pedunculata Brunner,

Nagar, Rajendra, Swaminathan, R. & Mal, Jhabar, 2015, Some common and less known Phaneropterinae (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae; Phaneropterinae) with the description of a new species from India, Zootaxa 4027 (3), pp. 301-340: 305

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Isopsera pedunculata Brunner


Isopsera pedunculata Brunner  von Wattenwyl, 1878

( Fig. 2View FIGURE 2; Plate V & VI) Orthoptera 12568

Material examined. (23 Specimens, 17 ♂ & 6 ♀) India (Rajasthan; Maharastra; Madhya Pradesh; Gujarat): 12.x. 2010, Coll. R. Swaminathan (Banswara); 3.ix. 2010, Coll. Dinesh (Udaipur); 3.x. 2007, Coll. P. S. Rathore (Bagawas, Pali) (2); 6.ix. 2007, Coll. Lekha (Udaipur) (2); 21.x. 2010 Coll. R. Swaminathan (Udaipur); 21.x. 2012, Coll. Rajendra Nagar (Udaipur); 10.ix. 2013, Coll. Jhabar Mal (Udaipur); 09.x. 2013, Coll. Rajendra Nagar (Chikaldhra); 10.x. 2013, Coll. Rajendra Nagar (Chikaldhra); 27.vii. 2010, Coll. Harjindra (Sirohi); 12.x. 2013, Coll. R. Swaminathan (Udaipur); 20.x. 2012, Coll. Jhabar Mal (Udaipur); 3.x. 2010, Coll. R. Swaminthan (Banswara); 27.viii. 2013, Coll. R. Swaminthan (Rajasmand); 27.viii. 2013, Coll. Rajendra Nagar (Rajasmand); 07.x. 2010, Coll. R. Swaminthan (Banswara); 7.xi. 2012, Coll. Jhabar Mal (Mandsaur); 10. xi. 2013, Coll. Jhabar Mal ( ARSS, Vallabnagar, Udaipur) (2); 10.ix. 2013, Coll. R. Swaminthan ( ARSS, Vallabnagar, Udaipur); 10.ix. 2013, Coll. Rajendra Nagar ( ARSS, Vallabnagar, Udaipur)

Male: Fastigium verticis slightly widening anteriorly, separated from fastigium frontis. Pronotum lateral margins rounded; in dorsal view disc flat, very slightly widening. Stridulatory file on the underside of left tegmina with ca 68 teeth. Cerci moderately curved and narrowing apically, apex obtuse, with a hairy small black tooth. Subgenital plate broad at base narrowing towards apex with styli longer than length of sub-genital plate, styli somewhat thickened at apices. Supra-anal plate tongue-shaped. Anterior femora with 3–5 internal and 0–0 external spines, mesofemora without internal and with 3–5 external spines, posterior femora with 7–8 external and 6–7 internal spines. Hind knee with internal and external ventral lobes bispinose. Spines on tibia: anterior tibia with 2– 3 internal and 1–2 external spines, mesotibia with 5–6 internal and 3–4 external spines, posterior tibia with 28–30 dorso-internal, 26–28 dorso-external and 11–14 ventro-internal and 7–9 ventro-external spines.

Female: Ovipositor sickle shaped, dorsal and ventral margins of ovipositor near apex with fine rounded teeth. Sub-genital plate triangular in shape with apex obtuse and rounded. Cerci cylindrical, apex obtuse, supra-anal plate triangular and rounded.