Elimaea (Neoelimaea) melanocantha (Walker, 1869),

Nagar, Rajendra, Swaminathan, R. & Mal, Jhabar, 2015, Some common and less known Phaneropterinae (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae; Phaneropterinae) with the description of a new species from India, Zootaxa 4027 (3), pp. 301-340: 307

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Elimaea (Neoelimaea) melanocantha (Walker, 1869)


Elimaea (Neoelimaea) melanocantha (Walker, 1869) 

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http://lsid.speciesfile.org/urn:lsid: Orthoptera  .speciesfile.org:TaxonName: 185271

Material examined. (2 ♂ Specimens) India (Kerala, Tamil Nadu): 21.i. 2014, Coll. Rajendra Nagar (Thiruvananthapram); 22.ii. 2014, Coll. Rajendra Nagar ( TNAU, Coimbatore).

Description. Fastigium verticis narrow, deeply furrowed, apex sub-acute; step-like declined to fastigium frontis. Pronotum with a distinct humeral sinus; anterior coxa without spine, though in some species a minute spinule may be present; Genicular lobes bi-spinose in all legs. Anterior femur curved; on ventral side furrowed, provided with small spines; anterior tibia dorsally furrowed with spines and dorso-apical spurs; tibial tympana covered with conchate fold with wider anterior slit on both sides or on the internal side only; tegmina fully developed, hind wings surpassing tegmina in both sexes; male sub-genital plate without styli.

Male: Pronotum dorsal view with broad V-shaped transverse sulcus; posterior margin rounded; paranota about as high as long, lateral margin rounded. Greatest width of tegmina wider than length of pronotum; radius sector branching about in middle of tegnima, rarely before middle. Stridulatory file on underside of left tegmina with ca 85 teeth; anterior part of file with the teeth larger, widely spaced; in the middle part teeth are small and spaced moderately; whereas, in the posterior part, teeth are closely spaced and smaller. Cerci strongly curved with acute apices. Sub-genital plate split into two lobes for more than apical half.


Tamil Nadu Agricultural University