Trigonopterus mimicus Riedel

Riedel, Alexander, Sagata, Katayo, Surbakti, Suriani, Rene Taenzler, & Michael Balke,, 2013, One hundred and one new species of Trigonopterus weevils from New Guinea, ZooKeys 280, pp. 1-150: 45-46

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Trigonopterus mimicus Riedel

sp. n.

50. Trigonopterus mimicus Riedel   ZBK   sp. n.

Diagnostic description.

Holotype, male (Fig. 50a). Length 2.73 mm. Color orange-ferruginous; head and pronotum black; elytra orange-ferruginous, much darker along suture and apex. Body subrhomboid; with weak constriction between pronotum and elytron; in profile evenly convex. Rostrum with distinct median and pair of submedian costae, furrows with rows of coarse punctures; in apical 1/3 weakly rugose-punctate. Pronotum moderately densely punctate with small punctures. Elytra with striae indistinct, marked by small to minute punctures, intervals with row of minute punctures. Femora edentate, with distinct anteroventral ridge. Metafemur dorsally with 1-2 rows of silvery scales; subapically with stridulatory patch. Abdominal ventrite 5 densely coarsely punctate, densely setose. Aedeagus (Fig. 50b) with apex subangulate; ostium with rectangular sclerite extending far basad; ventral surface of body in basal 1/3 with constriction and pair of angulate carinae in front of insertion of apodemes; endophallus with asymmetrical sclerites; transfer-apparatus spiniform; ductus ejaculatorius without bulbus. Intraspecific variation. Length 2.65-3.06 mm. Elytral color usually as in holotype, in some specimens from Tiom and Yohosim - Kiroma dark brownish. Female rostrum dorsally in apical half subglabrous, punctate. Female abdominal ventrite 5 subglabrous, sparsely punctate.

Material examined.

Holotype (MZB): ARC1743 (EMBL # HE616020), WEST NEW GUINEA, Jayawijaya Reg., Poga, S03°47.575', E138°33.155' to S03°47.473', E138°33.163', 2620-2715 m, 15-VII-2010. Paratypes (ARC, SMNK, ZSM): WEST NEW GUINEA, Jayawijaya Reg.: 1 ex, ARC0755 (EMBL # HE615438), Jiwika, Kurulu, S03°56.146', E138°57.710', 2245-2290 m, 26-XI-2007; 1 ex, Jiwika, trail to Wandanku, 2240-2420 m, 28-IX-1996; 2 exx (1 marked as “ARC0032”), Jiwika, 1800-2300 m, 31-V-1998; 1 ex, Jiwika, 2300 m, 1992, sifted; 2 exx, Ilugwa, Melanggama, trail to Pass-valley, 2100-2300 m, 9-10-IX-1990; 69 exx, ARC1744 (EMBL # HE616021), same data as holotype; 32 exx, ARC1808 (EMBL # HE616085), ARC1809 (EMBL # HE616086), W Wamena, road to Lake Habbema, S04°07.625', E138°49.992', 2520 m, 20-VII-2010; 2 exx, ARC1810 (EMBL # HE616087), ARC1811 (EMBL # HE616088), W Wamena, road to Lake Habbema, S04°08.256', E138°49.049', 2770 m, 20-VII-2010; 2 exx, Moss forest between Theila and L. Habbema, 2800-2950 m, 22-X-1993, beaten at night; 19 exx, Moss forest between Theila and L. Habbema, 2800-2950 m, 22-X-1993; 18 exx, Tiom, Wanuga, 2750-2900 m, 08 -XII-1995; 1 ex, Poga, 2100-2500 m, 06-07-IV-1999; 7 exx, Kwiyawagi, 2750 m, 09-10-XII-1995; 3 exx, Yohosim - Kiroma, 2500-2700 m, 13-IX-1991.


Jayawijaya Reg. (Jiwika, Ilugwa, Poga, L. Habbema, Tiom). Elevation: 2290-2800 m.


Beaten from foliage of montane forests.


This epithet is based on the Latin adjective mimicus (acting, imitating) and refers to the resemblance to other species with ferruginous elytra.


Trigonopterus mimicus   Riedel, sp. n. was coded as " Trigonopterus   sp. 213" by Tänzler et al. (2012).