Atheta (Dimetrota) terranovae Klimaszewski & Langor, 2011**,

Webster, Reginald P., Klimaszewski, Jan, Sweeney, Jon D. & DeMerchant, Ian, 2012, New Staphylinidae (Coleoptera) records with new collection data from New Brunswick, and an addition to the fauna of Quebec, Canada: Aleocharinae, ZooKeys 186, pp. 83-118: 94-96

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Atheta (Dimetrota) terranovae Klimaszewski & Langor, 2011**


Atheta (Dimetrota) terranovae Klimaszewski & Langor, 2011**  Map 23View Map 23 illustrations in Klimaszewski et al. (2011)

Material examined.

New Brunswick, Carleton Co., Belleville, Meduxnekeag Valley Nature Preserve, 46.1927°N, 67.6803°W, 4.V.2006, R. P. Webster, 16.IX.2006, R. P. Webster, coll., mixed forest in decaying gilled mushrooms (1 ♂, RWC; 1 ♂, LFC); same locality and collector except, 46.1907°N, 67.6740°W, 14.IX.2005, mixed forest on gilled fungi (1 ♂, 1 ♀, RWC; 1 ♂, LFC); same locality data and collector, 7.IX.2004, mixed forest on rotting fungi (1 ♀, RWC). Charlotte Co., near New River, 45.2122°N, 66.6160°W, 22.IX.2006, R. P. Webster, coll., eastern white cedar swamp, in gilled mushroom (1 ♂, RWC). Queens Co., Cranberry Lake P.N.A., 46.1125°N, 65.6075°W, 22.IX.2009, R. P. Webster, coll., red oak forest, in decaying gilled mushrooms (1 ♂, RWC ). Restigouche Co., Jacquet River Gorge P.N.A., 47.8201°N, 65.9992°W, 12.VIII.2010, R. P. Webster, coll., black spruce forest, in gilled mushrooms (1 ♀, NBM); same locality and collector but 47.8254°N, 66.0780°W, 18.VIII.2010, spruce /fir forest, in decaying lobster mushrooms (1 ♂, RWC ). Saint John Co., Chance Harbour (off Rt. 790), 45.1391°N, 66.3696°W, 24.VIII.2006, R. P. Webster, coll., red spruce & birch forest, in gilled mushrooms (1 ♂, 1 ♀, RWC); same locality data and collector, 16.IX.2008, mixed forest, in decaying gilled mushrooms (1 ♂, NBM); Dipper Harbour, 45.1176°N, 66.3806°W, 12.IX.2006, R. P. Webster, coll., red spruce forest, on gilled mushrooms (1 ♀, RWC). Sunbury Co., Acadia Research Forest, 46.0188°N, 66.3765°W, 18.IX.2007, R. P. Webster, coll., Road 16 control, mature red spruce & red maple forest, in coral fungi on spruce log (1 ♂, 1 ♀, RWC); same locality and collector but 45.9799°N, 66.3394°W, 18.IX.2007, Road 7 control, mature red spruce & red maple forest, in gilled mushrooms (1 ♂, RWC). York Co., Charters Settlement, 45.8286°N, 66.7365°W, 6.IX.2005, 4.X.2005, R. P. Webster, coll., mature red spruce & cedar forest, in decaying mushrooms (3 ♀, RWC).

Collection and habitat data.

Klimaszewski et al. (2011) reported this species from coniferous, mixed, and deciduous forests in NF & LB. Specimens were captured in carrion-baited pitfall traps, unbaited pitfall traps, and flight intercept traps dur ing June, July, and August. Some adults were collected from decaying mushrooms in forests ( Klimaszewski et al. 2011). Most specimens from New Brunswick were collected from fresh and decaying gilled mushrooms. One individual was collected from a rotting lobster mushroom and another from a coral mushroom on a spruce log. This species was found in mixed forests, mature red spruce forests with red maple or birch, a black spruce forest, an eastern white cedar swamp, and a red oak forest. Adults from New Brunswick were collected during August, September (most specimens), and October.

Distribution in Canada and Alaska.

NB, NL, QC ( Klimaszewski et al. 2011). This species is probably more widely distributed in eastern Canada.