Listroderina LeConte, 1876,

Morrone, Juan J., 2013, The subtribes and genera of the tribe Listroderini (Coleoptera, Curculionidae, Cyclominae): Phylogenetic analysis with systematic and biogeographical accounts, ZooKeys 273, pp. 15-71: 41-42

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Listroderina LeConte, 1876


Subtribe Listroderina LeConte, 1876 

Type genus.

Listroderes  Schönherr, 1826.


Rostrum relatively stout, medium-sized, shorter than pronotum; scrobes short, ill-defined, broad; funicular segmen 1 longer than 2; elytra usually oblong-oval (subrectangular in Lamiarhinus  and Philippius  ), with intervals convex and with anteapical tubercle (except for Rupanius  ).

Included taxa.

This subtribe, representing the listroderines in the strictest sense, includes the genera Acroriellus  , Acrorius  , Acrostomus  , Antarctobius  , Germainiellus  , Hyperoides  , Lamiarhinus  , Listroderes  , Methypora  , Philippius  , Rupanius  and Trachodema  . In a previous analysis restricted to American taxa ( Morrone 1997a) most of these genera were placed as a grade basal to other listroderines. Methypora  is distributed in Australia; and the remaining genera are South American: Listroderes  is widely ranged in the Andean and Neotropical regions, and the other genera are found in the Andean region and the South American Transition Zone (sensu Morrone 2006).

Key to the genera of Listroderina