Cyphomyrmex longiscapus Weber

Snelling, R. R. & Longino, J. T., 1992, Revisionary notes on the fungus-growing ants of the genus Cyphomyrmex, rimosus-group (Hymenoptera: Formicidae: Attini)., Insects of Panama and Mesoamerica: selected studies., Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 479-494: 491

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Cyphomyrmex longiscapus Weber


Cyphomyrmex longiscapus Weber   HNS  

Cyphomyrmex longiscapus Weber   HNS   , 1940: 410; [[worker]]. Kempf, 1966:163, 165-7; [[worker]]

This species, previously known only from the type series from Rio Porce, Cordillera Central, 3400 ft. elev., Colombia, is known only with certainty from Colombia. The following are new records for C. longiscapus   HNS   , all from colombia: Quebrada Bolindrama, Cholo, (P. A. Silverstone; LACM), ex stomach contents of Phyllobates aurotaenia (Amphibia); between Quebrada Bachorama and Rio Tadoeito, Choco.P. A. Silverstone; LACM; ex stomach contents of Dendrobates hisirionicus Amphibia); Anchicaya, Municipio Buenaventura, 2000 m elev., Yalle W. L. Brown; MCZ, rain forest, under rock in canyon.