Lista haraldusalis (Walker, 1859),

Wang, Mingqiang, Chen, Fuqiang & Wu, Chunsheng, 2017, A review of Lista Walker, 1859 in China, with descriptions of five new species (Lepidoptera, Pyralidae, Epipaschiinae), ZooKeys 642, pp. 97-113: 102-104

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Lista haraldusalis (Walker, 1859)


Lista haraldusalis (Walker, 1859)  Figs 4, 16, 26

Locastra haraldusalis  Walker, 1859: 160.

Lista genisusalis  Walker, 1859: 877.

Stericta haraldusalis  (Walker): Hampson 1896: 121; Lu and Guan 1953: 109.

Craneophora haraldusalis  (Walker): Janse 1931: 473-474.

Lista haraldusalis  (Walker): Solis 1992: 283.

Lista ficki  (nec. Christoph): Yamanaka 2000: 67-69 (misidentified).


The species can be distinguished from other species of the genus by its specific gnathos. In this species, the gnathos is broader and more sclerotized than that in other species and it has a serrated apex that is located medially.

Material examined.

Hubei: Shennongjia, 2♂♂, 950m, 3-17.VII.1980, Yu Peiyu; Shennongjia, 1♀, 500m, 30.V.1981, Han Yinheng; Shennongjia, 2♂♂4♀♀, 500-1250m, 16. VI– 4.VII.1981, Han Yinheng (gen. slide no. Ep556); Shennongjia, 2♂♂2♀♀, 860-920m, 28. VII– 17.VIII.1981, Han Yinheng; Xingshan, 3♂♂, 1350m, 18.VII.1993, Song Shimei (gen. slide no. Ep75, Ep527); Digui, 5♂♂5♀♀, 110-117m, 3-6.IX.1994, Han Yinheng (gen. slide no. Ep73, Ep526, Ep551, Ep74, Ep522). Shaanxi: Zhenba, 1♀, 5.VI.1981; Zhouzhi, 2♀♀, 1350m, 24.VI.1999, Zhu Chaodong; Foping, 1♀, 900m, 27.VI.1999, Zhang Youwei (gen. slide no. Ep516); Foping, 4♂♂6♀♀, 867m, 15.VIII.2007, Li Wenzhu (gen. slide no. Ep515). Zhejiang: Linan, 3♀♀, 1350m, 28-29.VII.2003, Xue Dayong & Han Hongxiang (gen. slide no. Ep517). Gansu: Wenxian, 2♂♂, 720-1000m, 20-28.VII.1999, Yao Jian (gen. slide no. Ep541). Guangxi: Longsheng, 1♀, 11.VI.1980, Xue Dayong; Napo, Baihe, 2♀♀, 440m, 6-7.IV.1998, Wu Chunsheng & Li Wenzhu (gen. slide no. Ep557); Jinxiu, 1♀, 300m, 29.IV.1999, Yao Jian. Yunnan: Pingbian, 1♀, 1500m, 19.VI.1956, Huang Keren; Menghai, Xishuangbanna, 1♀, 1200-1600m, 20.VII.1958, Pu Fuji; Xishuangbanna, 1♂, 650m, 25.VII.1962, Song Shimei; Da Menglong, Xishuangbanna, 1♀, 650m, 29.V.1962, Song Shimei; Xishuangbanna, 1♀, 15.V.1978, Wang Shuyong; Weixi, 1♀, 2500m, 25.VII.1981, Wang Shuyong; Lufeng, 1♀, 23.VI.1982; Daguan, 1♂1♀, 780m, 1.VII.1982, Luo Feijin (gen. slide no. Ep559); Nabanhe, 1♀, 1083m, 25.VI.2014, Liu Xiuwei (gen. slide no. Ep566). Anhui: Jiuhuashan, 1♂, 1979m, 24.VII.2003 (gen. slide no. Ep565). Guizhou: Congjiang, 5♂♂1♀, 1-10.VIII.2013, Yang Maofa (gen. slide no. Ep567). Fujian: Sangang, 1♀, 740m, 30.VI.1960, Zhang Yiran; Sangang, 1♀, 18.IX.1979, Yu Chunren; Wuyishan, 1♀, 650m, 27.V.2000, Wang Jiashe; Wuyishan, 1♀, 650m, 27.VII.2000, Song Shimei; Xianfengling, 1♀, 500m, 4.VI.1981, Qi Shicheng. Sichuan: Emeishan, 1♀, 800-1000m, 13.VI.1957, Zhu Fuxing. Xizang: Motuo, 1♂1♀, 1.VI.1983, Han Yinheng. Hainan: Jianfengling, 1♀, 26.X.1982; Wuzhishan, 1♂, 9.XII.2007, Chen Fuqiang (gen. slide no. Ep577).


China (Shaanxi, Gansu, Anhui, Zhejiang, Hubei, Jiangxi, Fujian, Hainan, Guangxi, Sichuan, Guizhou, Yunnan, Xizang), India, Japan, Nepal, Malaysia.


Li and Ren (2008) reported this species in Henan; however, the genitalia are quite different from those of Lista haraldusalis  (Walker, 1859) provided by Marumo (1942). Meanwhile, their figure of the adult matches the original figure of Lista insulsalis  (Lederer, 1863). Thus, their description actually refers to Lista insulsalis  (Lederer, 1863) rather than Lista haraldusalis  (Walker, 1859). In addition, the species was wrongly recognized as Lista ficki  by Yamanaka (2000). We correct their identification here.














Lista haraldusalis (Walker, 1859)

Wang, Mingqiang, Chen, Fuqiang & Wu, Chunsheng 2017

Craneophora haraldusalis

Christoph 1881