Aristotelia Hübner,

Bidzilya, Oleksiy V. & Budashkin, Yury I., 2015, New species of Gelechiidae (Lepidoptera) from Ukraine, Zootaxa 3974 (2), pp. 217-230: 223

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Aristotelia Hübner


Aristotelia Hübner  , [1825]

Type-species: [ Tinea  ] decurtella Hübner, [1813]; by monotypy.

Aristotelia  is closest to Caulastrocecis  , but it can be distinguished from the latter by a well developed sacculus that is separated from the cucullus, the absence of a frontal process, and the absence of pecten scales on the scape, the latter of which are characteristic of Caulastrocecis  .

About 30 species are known from the Palaearctic region; 35 from the Nearctic region ( Lee et al. 2009); at least 50 from the Neotropical region ( Becker 1984); about 10 from the Afrotropical region (Vári at al. 2002); at least 20 from the Oriental region; and nearly 20 from Australia (Edwards 1996). Larvae have been recorded on Apiaceae  , Ericaceae  , Empetraceae  , Lythraceae  , Lamiaceae  , Scrophulariaceae  , Fabaceae  , Plumbaginaceae  .