Echiniscus canadensis J. Murray, 1910, J. Murray, 1910

Fontoura, Paulo, Pilato, Giovanni & Lisi, Oscar, 2008, Echiniscidae (Tardigrada, Heterotardigrada) from Faial and Pico Islands, the Azores, with the description of two new species, Zootaxa 1693, pp. 49-61: 54

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Echiniscus canadensis J. Murray, 1910


Echiniscus canadensis J. Murray, 1910  

Material examined. One two-clawed larva from Faial Island (Parque Florestal); eleven specimens (four larvae, five females, two specimens of unknown sex) from Pico Island (Lages do Pico). All the specimens were mounted in Hoyer’s medium with a small amount of potassium iodide.

Filament A, very short spine E, filament C d and spine D d and the pattern of cuticular sculpture typical of the species ( Ramazzotti & Maucci, 1983) were present in all the studied specimens.

Body length 109–142 µm for the two-clawed larvae, 206–281 µm for the adults.

The species is recorded from various localities of the Palaearctic region and in North and South America.