Tetranychus przhevalskii Reck, 1956

Zhovnerchuk, Olga & Auger, Philippe, 2019, Spider mites (Acari: Tetranychidae) from the Black Sea Biosphere Reserve (Ukraine): faunistic survey, reinstatement of the genus Georgiobia Wainstein, 1960 and description of a new species, Zootaxa 4559 (2), pp. 321-338: 335

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Tetranychus przhevalskii Reck, 1956


Tetranychus przhevalskii Reck, 1956  

Specimens examined. 7♀♀, 2♂♂, unidentified Poacea , Solenoozerny area, BSBR, 0 7.06.1992, L. Bondarenko   ; 1♀, 1♂, Elymus repens, Volyzhyn   forest, BSBR (46°32'N, 31°43'E), 11.06.2015, O. Zhovnerchuk GoogleMaps   ; 25♀♀, 2♂♂, 3DN, 2PN, 2L, Agropyron   sp., Solenoozerny area , BSBR (46°27'N, 32°00'E), 15.06.2015, O. Zhovnerchuk GoogleMaps   ; 14 ♀♀, 3♂♂, 1DN, 1PN, Calamagrostis epigejos, Solenoozerny   area, BSBR (46°27'N, 31°59'E), 15.06.2015, O. Zhovnerchuk GoogleMaps   .

Tetranychus przhevalskii   is known to be quite common in the steppe zone of Ukraine ( Akimov, 1965) and is recorded in all the investigated areas of BSBR with new host plant record on C. epigejos   .