Panonychus ulmi ( Koch, 1836 ),

Zhovnerchuk, Olga & Auger, Philippe, 2019, Spider mites (Acari: Tetranychidae) from the Black Sea Biosphere Reserve (Ukraine): faunistic survey, reinstatement of the genus Georgiobia Wainstein, 1960 and description of a new species, Zootaxa 4559 (2), pp. 321-338: 335

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Panonychus ulmi ( Koch, 1836 )


Panonychus ulmi ( Koch, 1836) 

Specimens examined. 2♀♀, Alnus glutinosa, Volyzhyn  forest, BSBR, 0 6.10.1991, L. Kolodochka  .

In Ukraine, this species infests plants of the Rosaceae  family. However, according to Akimov et al. (1993) it prefers areas with high humidity. Specimens are found only in the protected fragment of Volyzhyn forest in BSBR. Local air humidity is the highest in this part of the reserve which is the optimum condition for this species in Ukraine.